MEET PRINCE HANDLEY: So powerful in demonstration and wisdom. I'm honored to have Him as my apostle and spiritual father. I pray privately and Holy Spirit sends answers through him (and Zayne, of course!). I'm well taken care of.
Prince is a Messianic Jew who's been in international ministry for 50 years. He has amazing testimonies of overcoming various circumstances to move in Kingdom authority and power as He serves our Messiah by delivering The Gospel to The Jew first and then to the gentile.
Prince was the first person to identify me as a prophetess and consistently delivers words in season in answer to my personal prayers. He's a multiple-bestselling author, has many natural college degrees and experience and even more divine ones. Connect with him at Real Miracles and on Twitter @PrinceHandley.

MEET PATTI GIBBLE: Listen ... I don't even know where to begin. She's been with me from the beginning, gets me, is supes patient with me, tells me the truth, challenges me to mature and persevere, encourages me. I am spoiled.
Patti is a teacher, author, spiritual mother, faithful intercessor, water walker and moves powerfully in the gift of words of knowledge which she converts to actions for success.
She excels in teaching on parenting, wisdom and honor and has the anointing of God on her life that those characteristics harvest when they're planted and watered. Patti is best contacted on her Facebook and Twitter social media pages.

MEET TAMALLA BRISCOE: A fellow night owl who is ready to pray to breakthrough at any hour and for as long as it takes and if you know me, she's the midwest prophet to my west coast prophet.
Tamalla is a hair and beauty expert and owner of Metamorphosis Beauty Arsenal. She has a testimony of deliverance, restoration and ascending the mountain to spy out the promised land before her. She's an ordained minister and founder of Tamalla Briscoe Global Ministries. You can support Tamalla by using her beauty services through Metamorphosis or connect with her on social media.

MEET SHANNON WILLIAMS: A hidden gem like John the Baptist, Shannon has been called to teach and I'm honored to be one of those who are encouraging her to share the love gift she has inside of her. You must have eyes to see and ears to hear or you'll miss her quiet power. But it'll only be that way for a little longer; she's constantly elevating.
Shannon is ... so sweet. Her countenance, honesty, courage and faith are phenomenal but what I admire MOST about her is her love relationship with The Godhead - I'm talking holy jealousy that drives you to want to know Them on the level she does. She's one of those people who you can truly know through interaction that she LOVES Them, and I hope you can catch the impartation for that authentic love as you listen to her share what The Father releases to her for 5778. My personal promise to you is that you will not be disappointed. Connect with her at Shannon M Coaching on Facebook.

MEET ME: Well ... I gets hype!
Zari Banks, M.Ed is an author, mentor, teacher and speaker who teaches on manifesting the promises of God in your life. She operates primarily through prophetic intercession and receives regular revelatory downloads that keep you advancing in Kingdom dominion.
Zari's an anointed writer who teaches complex Kingdom realities in simple ways that allow even youths to partake in the meat of The Word. She's the founder of ZBI, ZM7A, ZWW, ZSP  and is your conference host.

Supernatural You 5778: Victorious New Beginning

10/1/2017 This is an 8 year - a year of new beginnings. A new cycle of seven years has started. New doors are before us. Command them to open!

10/2/2017 I am so excited about this conference! I've been praying at least two hours a day for three days and have had great heavenly encounters afterward each day. These encounters will provide the revelation I'll present during my session. Get ready ... it's gonna be good!
I'm asking each of you to please share the conference with two people you believe will benefit from attending and I ask Yahweh to release an accelerated harvest on your seed of honoring me. Thank you.

Thank you and extraordinary blessings and favor on our sponsors!


10/8/2017 This morning I dreamed I was at my church prophesying. Anyone can come up during worship and release what they're hearing from The Lord. In my dream, this was happening. We were worshiping and prophesying and Ann Tate said, "Authority, authority, authority!" as she finished. I'm not sure how her prophecy began, but that's how it ended.

Then I went forward and said, "The Lord's been talking to me about authority, too, and even put some supernatural keys in my hands. Authority and keys are important in this year because they give us access and there are doors before us that we can now go through." So, now I'm going to prophesy what The Lord released through me in my dream:

I declare in Jesus' Name and authority that I will open every door before me that I've been given a supernatural key for and I will go through those doors this year.


Download this Conference Gift from Prince Handley*

The book is Anarchy & Revolution: A Prophecy. It will impart an anointing on the reader for prophetic ... international ... ministry. Plus, it has testimonies of friends of mine who were radical revolutionaries and/or gang members, and who ended up preaching the Good News. The last half of book will increase desire AND anointing for prophetic ministry. The book is "right on time" for NOW. 

Your brother,
Prince Handley 

*Free offer expired Oct. 22, 2017


Prince Handley's Message for SY5778: Click the button below to read, download and/or listen.

Patti Gibble's Message for SY5778: HSBC or Download

Shannon Williams' Message for SY5778: HSBC or Download

Tamalla Briscoe's Message for SY5778: HSBC or Download

Zari Banks' Message for SY5778: HSBC or Download

The Holy Spirit Boot Camp (HSBC) is a self-study portal that includes many of Zari's teachings in one place.

Conference Follow-Up

10/22/2017 If you haven't already, in your next quiet time address the following with Holy Spirit:

  1. What are my weapons of warfare for this season?
  2. Give me those weapons and teach me to use them.
  3. I ask for and receive discernment to use each weapon at the appropriate time.

I mentioned in my session that one of my weapons for this season is authority and that God had Selena Thornton make and send me a mattah - a rod of authority - a month ago. His timing is perfect and as you seek to understand His seasons and cycles more, you'll begin to notice and then expect the perfect provision at the right time every time.