Thank you so much for joining us for the 3rd Annual Supernatural You Conference - 5780: Have What You Say! It's been an honor to deliver these messages from The Heart of The Father for this season.
I thank God for Patti and Selena, who are always available to pray and support whatever I do. I decree you all have believers in your lives that are willing to do the same.
I encourage you to sow into these words delivered today. Covenants are entered into with a sacrifice so when you sow into this work you have the legal right by covenant with us and El-ohim to receive in full everything released here. Know that we agreed that El-ohim be glorified with our service and that you be blessed with measurable and sustained change in your spirit and life after dining with us.
We welcome your feedback at zaribanksinc@gmail.com. Extraordinary blessings to you in Yeshua's Name! May He be magnified through your life in the days ahead.